The Best Flash Fiction From the Week of 14 October

Hi everyone,

I was very impressed with the range and quality of flash fiction I found out there this week. It’s really an exciting time to be a reader (and writer)! Let’s get to my favorites this week.

  • He, She, by Akis Papantonis, at Vestal Review. A nice, punchy history of a complicated relationship in a few sentences. A great example of the form.
  • Punch Drunk, by Jon Prior, at the Puffin Review. This story really gathers some fine momentum and weight as it gets going. Love the emotion at the end.
  • No Past, No Future, by Lauren Greenwood. You don’t see stories like this very often these days. I like the “modern fable” vibe Lauren’s created.
  • The Vector, by Jay Hosking at Little Fiction. It’s a longer piece but a very interesting premise with great tone. A short story page-turner, if you will.
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