“An Apology” Published in Rosebud Magazine Issue 57

I’m pleased to announce that one of my flash fiction pieces has just been published in Issue 57 of Rosebud Magazine. Thanks to Rosebud’s wonderful editor Rod Clarke, who’s published several of my pieces over the years.

Rosebud is a print publication, so you’ll have to purchase the magazine to read the story (and please do, it’s a great read!). Here’s a quick taste:

When the bell rings, I play a game with myself, picturing who is walking through the door from their stride. Face, clothes, and most importantly hair—short and thinning was a shuffle where the heels never quite lifted from the linoleum; thick and wavy, with good clothes, was three quick steps to the counter and a pause. Harold’s step had been relaxed, at peace with its pace. This walk cut short with an expectant snap, demanding our attention.

I looked up, blinking as the sun stung my eyes, and nearly dropped my broom as she came into focus. She had never been in the shop before, but I knew her. Adriana, our owner’s wife. Each morning, Harold had kissed his fingers and touched them to her picture as he passed. She was an actress, and he had first seen her at a photo shoot in the park, then convinced her agent that he was a photographer in order to meet her. In the portrait from that day, she laughed at an unheard joke, her hair bursting into feathered tips frozen by the camera. On the days I polished away Harold’s fingerprints I had always imagined what it would have been like to see her in motion as he had, alive with the ability to become anyone at a moment’s notice.

Now, she stood in front of us with one leg planted at the finale of her first step, a thin purse swept over her shoulder, daring us to face her.

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