Breaking Orbit Published in Woven Tale Press!

Hi gang,

I’m very pleased to announce that one of my flash fiction short stories has been published in Volume II, Issue 10 of the Woven Tale Press! The story appears on page 27, and was originally published right here on the flash fiction blog. I hope you enjoy the piece!

And if you like my writing, you can find more in the flash fiction collection When We’re Afraid on Amazon. Featuring sixteen gripping short stories inspired by true events, this fiction collection delves deeply into the psyches of the most heroic and the most damaged among us as its characters struggle to hold their ground against the world’s cruelty.

There’s more writing coming! Talk to you all soon.


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2 thoughts on “Breaking Orbit Published in Woven Tale Press!

  1. I am a writer my self and have had success with short stories on several Websites. I noticed a story by Tim Young that reminded me of my own concepts regarding science fiction. I would like to submit a story “Mission 197”. If you could inform me how to do this I would be most appreciative.

    Thank You,

    Terence Thomas

  2. Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for writing! Since Flash Fiction Blog is my own personal website I don’t accept submissions from other writers. I’d recommend New Pages as a tool to find some good submission targets. Best of luck!

    My best,


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