Flash Fiction News, Markets and Notes

Hi everyone! I’ve got a nice round up of markets, contests and news this week. Hope you enjoy!

Flash Fiction Markets

  • I just came across Microfiction Monday Magazine, which is a mouthful ;). They’re looking for 100-word submissions, so have at it all you short-former writers out there!
  • The Scapegoat Review is looking for flash fiction, as well as flash non-fiction and poetry. They publish some good stuff, and if you think you’re up for it you should submit!
  • Lunchticket is a site with some good writing of all genres on it, and they’re currently open for flash fiction submissions for their summer/fall 2014 issue.

Flash Fiction Contests

Flash Fiction News

  • Did you know that our little genre is a worldwide phenomenon? Check out Mumbai, India’s Litfest which has flash fiction workshops!
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